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Born:  Croydon

Education:  Studied Law and German at Bristol University.


Mind Control for Channel 4

The Seance for Channel 4

The Messiah for Channel 4

Derren was born in 1971 in Croydon. Derren went to study Law and German at Bristol University and fell in love with the city. He began to perform magic in bars and restaurants, and gave occasional hypnosis shows.

In 1999 he was asked by Channel 4 to put a mind-reading programme together. 'Derren Brown: Mind Control' was the result and it was an immediate success.

Mind Controls 2 and 3 followed, then a series, then in October 2003 Derren caused an international furore with 'Derren Brown Plays Russian Roulette Live'. This secured his notoriety with the public.

The Seance followed soon after, which was Derren's first look at the area of spiritualism and paranormal phenomena, and the first show where his intelligent scepticism could be expressed. Further specials have followed, including 'Messiah', which took him undercover to the US to see if leaders in paranormal belief systems would wrongly endorse him as the real thing.

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